Vaccines are not the Enemy

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Fear is an awful emotion, it is the worst motivator. There are those who wish to believe that vaccines are inherently harmful. They are not. Vaccines are inherently helpful. They save lives. They keep you and those around you healthy and healthier.

But vaccine injuries do occur. If they didn’t then the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program would not exist, but it does.

As the National Vaccine Injury Law Firm, we are attorneys exclusively dedicated to assisting those who have been injured as a result of a vaccination.

This Country, our communities, our friends and families cannot be exposed to mumps and measles, the flu and other systemic illnesses because of the weakening of herd-immunity. When we vaccinate we not only help ourselves we help those around us. When those around us do not get vaccinated, they not only hurt themselves and their children, they hurt all of us.

Listen to the science, not the fear-mongers. Vaccine injuries are rare, but real. Get vaccinated.

Should you suffer from a vaccine injury, please call the vaccine injury attorneys at Gold Law Firm, LLC.


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