The HPV Shot and our Children’s Safety

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No vaccine has generated such controversy and fear as the human papillomavirus (HPV) shot with the brand name of Gardasil.


Alternative health sites of full of horror studies that would make the most ardent vaccine supporter blanche.

My kids received their HPV (Gardasil) shots because…wait for it…the science and the numbers clearly demonstrate that it works to reduce cervical cancer deaths.  A preventative measure is available to our children, shouldn’t we take advantage of ways to keep them safe?


Autoimmune disorders rear their ugly heads in girls, quite often in their teenage years.  Coincidence alone dictates that some will come down with some disorder such as rheumatoid arthritis of SLE, systemic lupus.

Can the HPV Gardasil shot cause reactions? Absolutely, but they are rare. The fact that a National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program exists is proof that vaccine injuries do occur.

Get your children vaccinated with the Gardasil HPV shot.  They will thank you later.


If Heaven forbid a reaction occurs, the vaccine injury attorneys at Gold Law Firm, LLC. are here to assist.

Listen to the science.


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