Supermarket Vaccines: A Good Idea?

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How often have we seen an advertisement at a major supermarket or pharmacy for vaccinations?  Get a flu shot!  Flu shot available!

Truth be told it makes me a bit uncomfortable.  Having greater access to health care is a good thing…not just for Americans but for everyone.  But with that easier access comes greater risks.

Should you get a flu vaccine?  It’s not a simple question.  Flu shots save lives.  In the elderly or immune-compromised, the flu can kill.  But in an otherwise healthy population, the answer of whether to get a flu vaccine is more complicated.


Flu vaccine reactions are rare, but real.  Some vaccine reactions include guillain-barre’ syndrome (GBS), transverse myelitis, brachial neuritis, brachial plexus, shoulder injuries related to vaccine administration (SIRVA).

If someone has a neuropathy, they could be at greater risk of being afflicted with guillain-barre’ syndrome.

Simply put, physicians are best qualified and more familiar with your medical history to give an opinion on whether you should receive a vaccination, which one you should receive and when.

Consult your Doctors. If they recommend getting your shots, get them.  Stay safe and if you or your family does suffer a rare, vaccine reaction.  Please contact Gold Law Firm, LLC., your vaccine injury attorneys.
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