Consumer Reports says…get the HPV Gardasil Shot

By August 11, 2017September 24th, 2019No Comments

Sure, Consumer Reports rates televisions, washers and dryers and even mattresses.

Important stuff? Not really. But they did issue an important report today that simply states “Why your Daughters (and Sons) Need the HPV Vaccine.”

HPV is serious stuff. It can lead to genital warts as well as cervical and other cancers. Imagine a vaccine that prevents cancer? Well there is one.

The HPV Gardasil vaccine is an important step forward in battling HPV. But fear and misconceptions are keeping administration rates dangerously low.

Vaccine injuries from the HPV Gardasil shots are extremely rare. But vaccine injuries are real. They are so real that Congress enacted the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to help those who have been injured by a vaccine.

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