Vaccines save lives…it’s just the facts.

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I would urge every American and any person around the world who is a science-denier, who recklessly spreads fear about the safety of vaccines, to read this remarkable article by Dr. Peter Hotez.

Peter is one of the most renowned vaccine researchers, formerly of the George Washington University and now Dean for Baylor College of Medicine’s National School of Tropical Medicine.

In this article, Dr. Hotez, unsurprisingly for a scientist schooled in…facts…states unequivocally that vaccines do not cause autism.  The remarkable part of this remarkable families story, is the Dr. Hotez’ daughter Rachel, has an autism spectrum disorder.

So the next time someone foolishly echoes conspiracy theories about vaccines or ignorant public officials raise the specter of autism being triggered by a vaccination just remember it ain’t so.  And you can quote Peter Hotez on that.




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