Measles outbreaks occur in other countries due to lack of vaccinations

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So it is not only in the United States where falling vaccination rates are harming children and the communities at large.


Most recently in Israel, an outbreak of measles in Israel has been blamed for infections in the  Jewish communities of New York and London, which are thought to have started when unvaccinated residents visited Israel, contracted the disease there and brought it back to the community.

Concerns about the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine surfaced in 1998, when a British study, since discredited, linked it with autism. The study was found to be a fraud and the autism link was debunked, but vaccination rates have dropped in some countries and communities, as concerned parents have prevented children receiving their shots.

The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was started because vaccines, while safe, can cause injuries in very rare circumstances.


However autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is not one of those injuries.  Autism is not, has not and cannot be “caused” by a vaccination.  Science matters, facts matter and the facts and science are clear.  Fear-mongering and ignorance from anti-vaccine advocates do nothing but harm themselves, their families and their communities.  Want to keep your children safe? Have them vaccinated.

Vaccine injuries ARE real, but they are rare.  The truth is scary enough, there is no need to make up them up…


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