Flu shots are now available in Stop and Shop, a Massachusetts supermarket chain.

Stop & Shop is encouraging customers to get their annual flu vaccination before flu activity traditionally picks up in the fall. The grocery chain’s 256 pharmacies have the vaccine in stock and pharmacists can vaccinate patients without an appointment. This season, Stop & Shop has a few types of flu vaccine available, including the quadrivalent vaccine and two flu vaccines specifically designed for people age 65 and older. 

“Stop & Shop is pleased to be able to offer flu vaccinations to our customers while they shop,” said Katie Thornell, Director, Pharmacy Operations, Stop & Shop. “We know that the flu vaccine is the most effective way to prevent the flu, so our pharmacy teams are poised and ready to provide vaccinations when it’s most convenient for our customers and their family members.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that everyone age six months and up receive the flu vaccination every flu season, ideally by the end of October. In particular, people who are at higher risk of developing complications from the flu, such as seniors, pregnant women, children, and people with compromised immune systems, should receive the vaccination.

It takes about two weeks for the antibodies that protect against the flu to develop, so customers are encouraged to get the flu vaccine sooner rather than later.

“Customers should get the flu vaccination before flu cases begin to appear and spread in their community,” added Thornell. “There’s no better time than now to get the flu shot.”

The flu vaccine is considered a preventative health service under most insurance plans and the cost is typically fully covered by insurance. For customers without insurance, the vaccine costs $42 for the quadrivalent and $80 for the senior versions. 

Stop & Shop pharmacies offer a wide array of immunizations, in addition to the flu vaccine. Pharmacists can provide immunizations against shingles, pneumonia, tetanus, hepatitis, meningitis, among others. Customers can speak with their local pharmacist to ensure they are up-to-date on all recommended immunizations. 

While Stop & Shop says that customers can speak to a pharmacist…they should speak to their physician first. Vaccines are safe and necessary but we should all be aware of what we need to be doing to be safe, not just for ourselves, but our families and communities.

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