Why Brie Bella Changed Her Views On Vaccines After Becoming A Mom

By May 19, 2018January 5th, 2021No Comments

Becoming a mom can certainly turn one’s world upside down. Everything from your schedule to your priorities to your way of thinking gets shifted — and the same is true for celebs, including wrestler Brie Bella. In particular, becoming a mom changed Brie Bella’s views on vaccines, and the wrestler recently opened up about how learning more about vaccines affected her change of heart.

In celebration of World Immunization Week Field Day, and coordinated by Rotary and Red Nose Day, Bella, 34, candidly spoke with People about her change of heart when it came to vaccinating her 11-month-old daughter, Birdie Joe. “I was someone in the beginning who doubted vaccinations,” Bella admitted to People. “But I started educating myself and I started realizing how easy it is for kids to get different diseases and infections that they can’t fight off.”

She added that her initial hesitation had to do with a fear of vaccine injuries. “As a mother, that really opened up my eyes,” she continued in the same People interview. “The thing people are most scared about are vaccine injuries. I sat there and thought, ‘My daughter can catch something and I’m either dealing with death or a vaccine injury. I’ll take vaccine injury over death.’”

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